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In a war on suicide, who is the enemy? ‘Saving 10,000′ is the story of an Irishman’s personal passion to uncover the true causes of the high suicide rate in Japan. With the help of front-line experts and ordinary Japanese, many touched by the horror of suicide, the movie delivers practical proposals on how Japan can win a war on suicide. However with suicide such a taboo, the odds are nobody will listen. Or will they?
“Saving 10,000 – Winning a War on Suicide in Japan” is a 52-minute documentary. Selected in the “Top 10 Movies of 2013″ by the Japan Times and nominated for 14 awards at international film festivals, “Saving 10,000″ has attracted a lot of media interest with the director giving over 50 media interviews to date. The movie sparked interest from politicians and a screening was held at the Japanese Parliament. “Saving 10,000″ also became an official part of the Japanese government’s suicide prevention campaign in September 2013 and the director gave a keynote speech at the AGM of the Japan Association of Suicide Prevention. This is a non-profit campaign and the film is available free online and has collected over 375,000 views. A large amount of screening requests have come from all over Japan and over 3,500 free DVDs have been distributed. The director has done over 100 movie related events/interviews in 2013. Please note DVDs will be provided free of charge to any organisation/university/NGO that would like to hold a public screening.
Requests and enquiries to saving10000volunteers@gmail.com